NKT Blogs and New Kadampa Bloggers…….Thanks!

September 29, 2008

It is so great how many positive Buddhist blogs there are around at the moment, I have received some really nice supporting and encouraging comments from these bloggers and other people which I do appreciate. Its nice to read about other peoples’ experiences within the New Kadampa Tradition and other traditions, and I kind of like the fact that the majority of people are anonymous (well at least to me anyway). It means that I can read about the people and their Buddhist life and practice without getting entangled in anything too personal or specific.

I am of course delighted too that it seems the days of only negative stuff being written about the NKT are finally coming to an end. I mean I suppose it is good to have different experiences highlighted, as I have said before, in that it does make changes happen. There are people that are just dragging up the same old stuff time and time again, that… yes we know was bad, but things have changed now, so please move on. 

Anyway to all you lovely bloggers ( New Kadampa Buddhist, Making my Life Meaningful, Wisdom and Bliss, New Kadampa Truths) and all the others that are writing about your Dharma practices, experiences and other information, and through this definitely providing me with support and encouragement, I just want to say Thanks!


4 Responses to “NKT Blogs and New Kadampa Bloggers…….Thanks!”

  1. I really enjoy keeping up with others’ experiences and insights. I’m happy to see all of these Kadampa blogs, and glad to be a part of this community.

    Thank you! 🙂

  2. James Mooney Says:

    I haven’t done much commenting on others’ blogs but I am encouraged to do it more now. Perhaps others will also. 🙂

  3. dorjeshugdentruth Says:

    Dear happynewkadampa,

    Thanks for everything, it’s great to read about these positive experiences!

  4. Chelvi Says:

    Totally agree. It is so encouraging and inspiring to read other people’s experiences…without feeling intrusive! Thank You!

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